California Design Keramik

Silicon Beach Vase Series

Silicon Vase series.

Bright white and colors under high gloss glaze.

This inspired Version was made for the 90th Bauhaus Anniversary Year.

Tri-tone Prints      Table Vase

Objects of other kinds

Vases- unique, functional and freestyle designs.

Soul Ceramics


Journey Vessel Series

Inspired by the dream journey of the western shamans, the vessels are maps for one's journey through the spirit worlds. It is a point of meditation, where one begins and ends their journey. It is where the seeker intends to find self knowledge and new beginnings.


Raku-fired works are taken out of the fire as they are glowing hot and then covered with wood shavings, papers and grasses. The works are trapped in fire, smoke and ash producing the volcanic black and metallic crackled glazed surfaces.