Sea Salon

Silicon Beach Vase Series

Vintage forms and ritzy lines,  classic colors adorn the timeless profiles of the Silicon Vase series. Bright white and colors under high glossy glaze.


Objekte aus keramik

Objects - unique, functional and freestyle designs.

Carmel Vases

Duotone print on industrial forms,  the Carmel Vase series reflects the patterns and shapes of a seaside townscape.

Cactus Pop Vases

Cactus Blooms - Luscious pastel colored Pop Art table vases, high gloss on white.

Vessel as art,     Vessel as object,    Vessel as vase,  each piece is a tribute to contemporary ceramic design.

Shoreline Vases

     reflecting  waves

             ripple                 tide pools        illuminate                                                                         hidden bays