California in particular has a history of inspired ceramics art and production based in the Arts and Craft movement of the Twenties. Later it evolved as part of the Modern movement which redefined the image of ceramics in art and design. Today the handcraft is experiencing a renaissance and artists continue to renew pottery, functional art and sculpture inspired by the landscapes and mythology of California. Cali De Kera creates functional art and objects inspired by this dynamic place.

The Idea of Living Design

At California Design Keramik the art and craft of functional ceramics is transformed into art and design for living. Ceramics for living should more than just hold tea, but evoke a feeling, a memory. Ceramic objects, like art, should engage you to feel, share and reminisce. This concept of a living relationship to art and design is central to the creative philosophy at the studio. The work produced at CDK reaches to make those relationships, enliven a feeling or stimulate a mood. Every object suggests emotion and gesture, giving feelings to form and experience to function. Living design.

The Handcraft of Cali

The CDK website represents the Berlin based studio of artist Cali de Kera. The roots of inspiration behind the handcrafted ceramic works are the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, and the time-honored uses of clay for ritualistic, decorative and symbolic purposes. His main influences as a designer are the rhythms, textures and patterns of the natural world as well as architecture, design and symbolism. The work has developed into a fine use of materials and forms that are simple, honest and evocative. After over a decade of personal study at private ceramic schools, public colleges, university master courses and workshops throughout California, de Kera has honed his skills, knowledge and vision to create unique functional art and design works from ceramic.

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